Ultrasonic Support

Welder Support

  • Accusonics services and repairs most makes and models of ultrasonic welders, including non-supported ultrasonic welders such as older Branson or Dukane equipment.
  • We have been in business since 1997 and have accumulated the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.
  • Give us a call or fill out our form, for more info on troubleshooting and service for ultrasonic welders.
  • We have many obsolete equipment manuals you can also download from out site.

Ultrasonic Horn Support

  • Ultrasonic tooling, is in our opinion is the heart of the working system. Most issues, if not equipment failure, usually begin with the Horn, Booster, Converter/Transducer often referred to as a “stack”.
  • The surfaces between the stack need to be very clean, flat, and free from any grease or dirt. The surfaces should be maintained more frequently if you have a lot of tool changes.
  • Mylar washers are typically used to alleviate bad mating issues between connections of the stack. This also makes it easier to get them apart for changeovers. When using Mylars, you do not need to use any other lubricant between the surfaces.
  • Some horns that wear faster than normal from plastics usually have fillers in them like glass or talc, or cutting horns that wear against anvils, can be refaced and then retuned at least once. This saves money and delivery time on making a new horn and this service can usually be done with-in a couple days.

Other Things We Can Do for You

  • Troubleshoot applications
  • Troubleshoot equipment issues
  • Repair ultrasonic plastic welders
  • We manufacture Ultrasonic Tooling in our facility which allows us to shorten deliveries
  • Joint design recommendation
  • Manuals for older machines
  • Click here, it will take you to our contact form, and let us know the model machine you have. Once we receive your inquiry, we will supply information to get the manual. There is no charge for the manuals.

Design Guides and Forms

This guide has information on what thermoplastics are compatible with each other. It also has a recommended amplitude guide for the type of plastic your using.

Plastics Material Guide (894 downloads )

This fillable form is used when sending in ultrasonic equipment to be repaired. Please fill in as much as possible.

Fillable Accusonics Service Form (562 downloads )

This fillable form is used when sending in an application with pertinent information needed to quote equipment and tooling.

Fillable RFQ Form for Welder and Tooling (517 downloads )

This fillable form is used when sending in a request for new, replacement, or duplicate ultrasonic tooling or other plastic assembly tooling.

Fillable RFQ Form for Ultrasonic Tooling (476 downloads )