Ultrasonic horns are designed and manufactured to resonate at 15, 20, 25, 28, 30, 35, or 40 kHz (as well as some other frequencies), but since every application is unique, custom manufacturing assures that all special requirements are accommodated. Horns are acoustic devices, they are designed to resonate at the frequency of ultrasonic machine you are using. Therefore, the shape and length are extremely important so they resonate correctly.

Your parts and related applications are evaluated in our fully-equipped laboratory where we conduct no-cost feasibility testing and troubleshooting associated with assembly problems and joint design recommendations. We can evaluate your application from parts, prototypes, and 3D CAD Files.

If you do not have 3D CAD files, we can scan your parts to create that file, saving time and making contoured ultrasonic horns from existing parts.

Our Same-Day Quotation / 5-7 Day Delivery policy reflects Accusonics, Inc.’s steady commitment to our customers.

Accusonics is a leading independent acoustic tooling manufacturer with quality, delivery, and affordable prices for ultrasonic horns and fixtures. We combine over 50 years of ultrasonic experience, knowledge, and applications expertise in order to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers.

Below are some links to pictures of ultrasonic horns that we have produced over the years. This should provide some insight into the different styles and shapes of tooling.

Round Ultrasonic Horns
Square or Rectangular Ultrasonic Horns
Composite Ultrasonic Horns
Ultrasonic Fixtures

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